Dip Power By SNS

Color $42 &up

French $53 &up

Ombré $55 &up

Nail Enhancements

It will help your nail grow healthily under the protective layer. Your nails will be natural, strong, durable and completely safe.

Acrylic $27 &up $37 &up

Gel Powder $27 &up $37 &up

Pink & White $45 &up $55 &up

Ombré $55 &up $65 &up

(Extra $16/ each service with GEL POLISH)

Pedicure & Manicure

Manicure Services: For everyday care, try this manicure to keep you nails healthy. Includes a nail trim, shape, buff, cuticle trim, massage, & polish…

Basic manicure $22 &up

Basic manicure with Gel $35 &up

Luxury manicure $32 &up

Organic manicure $32 &up

Detox manicure $42 &up

Collagen manicure $42 &up

Pedicure Services This pampering treatment relieves stress while soothing and cooling your tired feet. Sit back & enjoy the relaxing massage

Basic $32 &up

Basic with Gel $48 &up

Luxury $42 &up

Organic $53 &up

Detox $63 &up

Collagen $73 &up

Herbal $84 &up

(Extra $15/ each service with GEL POLISH)

Additional Services

Extra Massage (1min) $1

Nail Repair $5 &up

Paraffin $10

Callus Removal $5

Collagen Mask $10

Hot Stone Massage (5 mins) $10

Nail Removal $10 &up